Saturday, April 2, 2011

4/1 Back Workout

Warm Up:
2 sets 10 reps -150lbs Assisted Pullups
2 sets 10 reps 105lbs deadlifts

Work Sets:
5 sets 10 reps 145 lbs deadlifts
3 sets 10 reps 40lbs Dumbell Rows
1 set 10 reps -135lbs assisted Pull ups
2 sets 10 reps -150lbs assisted pullups

20 minutes elliptical

Today's workout was alright. I was able to lift more but I noticed that on my deadlifts, I release my hand when I put the weight down. As in I release all tension for a quick second. I don't think that's the right thing to do so I'm going to try and keep tension on it for all 10 reps. Might have to drop the weight a little bit for this though.

Pullups are getting easier, but I still don't think I can do a pullup without any assistance.

Friday, April 1, 2011

3/31 Chest Workout

Warm Up:
2 sets 10 reps 30lbs flat bench dumbell press

Work Set:
2 sets 10 reps 40lbs flat bench dumbell press
1 set 8 reps 50lbs flat bench dumbell press
1 set 7 reps 50lbs flat bench dumbell press
1 set 6 reps 50lbs flat bench dumbell press
1 set 10 reps 45lbs flat bench dumbell press
1 set 8 reps 45 lbs flat bench dumbell press
3 sets 10 reps 40lbs flat bench dumbell press

5 sets 10 reps 35lbs incline bench dumbell press

3 sets 10 reps 6 weight cable flyes
1 set 10 reps 4 weight cable flyes

20 minutes elliptical

Today I felt like my chest got a really good workout. I definitely felt an increase in power on my dumbell benching. I wasn't able to bench 50lbs that much before. On incline, 40lbs was REALLY heavy but when I dropped it to 35lbs I was able to push 10 reps. On the flyes, I tried to do some pushups after each set as a superset like ice1cube recommended, but after my first one I pushed out 3 pushups. On my second set, I couldn't even do a pushup so I just kinda gave up on the pushups and stretched while I got ready for my next set.

I do have an issue though, when I was doing my flat bench presses, my left chest would sometimes "lock up". I wouldn't be able to move it any higher and I would have to control the fall or else it would just drop onto my body. Can anyone explain the cause of this and how to get over it? I asked my friend and he said that this was a sign to show that I hit the limit of how much more I can do in that set. It shows that my chest was tired lol but I'm not exactly sure. I would appreciate it if anyone can answer my question!

3/30 Legs & Shoulder Workout

So today, I decided not to do any actual weight training on legs such as barbell squats or leg presses. I decided to do more bodyweight compound movements. Since I had a workout buddy today, I made him follow this routine too.

Warm Up:
1 set 10 reps 10lbs front raises

Work Sets:
3 sets 10 reps 15lbs front raises
3 sets 10 reps 15lbs lateral raises
3 sets 10 reps 25lbs Arnold Press

Warm Up:
20-30 bodyweight squats

Work Sets:
- 100 reps of goblet squats with a 5lb medicine ball, where I would throw it to my partner and he'd catch it while squatting, and he'd throw it back with me doing the same thing.
- 100 reps step up for each leg with 5 of those things you put to increase the height including the actual board.
- 30 squat jumps onto the board with a height of 5
- 30 sideways jump over the board with a height of 3

So today's leg workout was just kind of half of what I wanted to do. We ran out of time and had to go, which is why I didn't finish. I wanted to make the leg workout more of a cardio / plyometric workout just to burn the calories off. Also trying to make it more of a HIIT workout too. I don't really want bigger legs because mine are already pretty big and I think they're kind of not proportional to my body. My intentions were to make everything 100 reps, and then also add in some jumping across the room. Like from a dead stop, jump as far as you can go, and keep on doing that. My legs were already tired from all of that, so I'll see how it goes next time I do this workout.

3/29 Back Workout

So today's workout was a simple and fast workout, but man it was taxing.

Warm Up:
3 sets 10 reps -150lbs Pullups
2 sets 10 reps 95 lbs Deadlifts

Work Set:
5 sets 10 reps 135lbs Deadlifts
3 sets 10 reps 40lbs One handed dumbell rows
4 sets 10 reps -150lbs Pullups

HIIT on the Erg:
3 minute warm up
11 sets 30 second sprints , 30 second rest
3 minute cool down

By the end of the workout where I was doing my pullups, I felt like I was going to collapse. I just couldn't hold on anymore and my forearms were BURNING! But I feel that I can increase the weight on my deadlifts, so next time maybe 145lbs or 150?