Saturday, April 2, 2011

4/1 Back Workout

Warm Up:
2 sets 10 reps -150lbs Assisted Pullups
2 sets 10 reps 105lbs deadlifts

Work Sets:
5 sets 10 reps 145 lbs deadlifts
3 sets 10 reps 40lbs Dumbell Rows
1 set 10 reps -135lbs assisted Pull ups
2 sets 10 reps -150lbs assisted pullups

20 minutes elliptical

Today's workout was alright. I was able to lift more but I noticed that on my deadlifts, I release my hand when I put the weight down. As in I release all tension for a quick second. I don't think that's the right thing to do so I'm going to try and keep tension on it for all 10 reps. Might have to drop the weight a little bit for this though.

Pullups are getting easier, but I still don't think I can do a pullup without any assistance.

Friday, April 1, 2011

3/31 Chest Workout

Warm Up:
2 sets 10 reps 30lbs flat bench dumbell press

Work Set:
2 sets 10 reps 40lbs flat bench dumbell press
1 set 8 reps 50lbs flat bench dumbell press
1 set 7 reps 50lbs flat bench dumbell press
1 set 6 reps 50lbs flat bench dumbell press
1 set 10 reps 45lbs flat bench dumbell press
1 set 8 reps 45 lbs flat bench dumbell press
3 sets 10 reps 40lbs flat bench dumbell press

5 sets 10 reps 35lbs incline bench dumbell press

3 sets 10 reps 6 weight cable flyes
1 set 10 reps 4 weight cable flyes

20 minutes elliptical

Today I felt like my chest got a really good workout. I definitely felt an increase in power on my dumbell benching. I wasn't able to bench 50lbs that much before. On incline, 40lbs was REALLY heavy but when I dropped it to 35lbs I was able to push 10 reps. On the flyes, I tried to do some pushups after each set as a superset like ice1cube recommended, but after my first one I pushed out 3 pushups. On my second set, I couldn't even do a pushup so I just kinda gave up on the pushups and stretched while I got ready for my next set.

I do have an issue though, when I was doing my flat bench presses, my left chest would sometimes "lock up". I wouldn't be able to move it any higher and I would have to control the fall or else it would just drop onto my body. Can anyone explain the cause of this and how to get over it? I asked my friend and he said that this was a sign to show that I hit the limit of how much more I can do in that set. It shows that my chest was tired lol but I'm not exactly sure. I would appreciate it if anyone can answer my question!

3/30 Legs & Shoulder Workout

So today, I decided not to do any actual weight training on legs such as barbell squats or leg presses. I decided to do more bodyweight compound movements. Since I had a workout buddy today, I made him follow this routine too.

Warm Up:
1 set 10 reps 10lbs front raises

Work Sets:
3 sets 10 reps 15lbs front raises
3 sets 10 reps 15lbs lateral raises
3 sets 10 reps 25lbs Arnold Press

Warm Up:
20-30 bodyweight squats

Work Sets:
- 100 reps of goblet squats with a 5lb medicine ball, where I would throw it to my partner and he'd catch it while squatting, and he'd throw it back with me doing the same thing.
- 100 reps step up for each leg with 5 of those things you put to increase the height including the actual board.
- 30 squat jumps onto the board with a height of 5
- 30 sideways jump over the board with a height of 3

So today's leg workout was just kind of half of what I wanted to do. We ran out of time and had to go, which is why I didn't finish. I wanted to make the leg workout more of a cardio / plyometric workout just to burn the calories off. Also trying to make it more of a HIIT workout too. I don't really want bigger legs because mine are already pretty big and I think they're kind of not proportional to my body. My intentions were to make everything 100 reps, and then also add in some jumping across the room. Like from a dead stop, jump as far as you can go, and keep on doing that. My legs were already tired from all of that, so I'll see how it goes next time I do this workout.

3/29 Back Workout

So today's workout was a simple and fast workout, but man it was taxing.

Warm Up:
3 sets 10 reps -150lbs Pullups
2 sets 10 reps 95 lbs Deadlifts

Work Set:
5 sets 10 reps 135lbs Deadlifts
3 sets 10 reps 40lbs One handed dumbell rows
4 sets 10 reps -150lbs Pullups

HIIT on the Erg:
3 minute warm up
11 sets 30 second sprints , 30 second rest
3 minute cool down

By the end of the workout where I was doing my pullups, I felt like I was going to collapse. I just couldn't hold on anymore and my forearms were BURNING! But I feel that I can increase the weight on my deadlifts, so next time maybe 145lbs or 150?

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Getting Back Into Routine!

So it's been a while since I've posted something on this blog, and that's because I've been lazy. I felt it was troublesome to keep updating the blog so I decided to take a break. However, I noticed that once I took a break from the blog, I took a break from doing everything right. My workouts were not as focused and my eating was way out of whack. But that will change today!

For the past two weeks or so, I've been relatively eating healthy. However I've started eating more carbs and fatty foods too. Ate out a couple times because of my birthday and friends that came back from college. But I realized I can't blame anyone for what I did, so eh my mistakes. Learn from the past to better your future right?

I'm currently using this split:

Monday: Chest + Cardio
Tuesday: Back + Cardio
Weds: Shoulders and Legs
Thursday: Chest + Cardio
Friday: Back + Cardio
Saturday: Shoulders + Legs
Sunday: Arms + Cardio

I decided that on legs days, I won't really be lifting heavy weights anymore. I already have really big legs and although they are not toned yet, I don't really want them to get bigger. So I decided to do more bodyweight exercises at a high intensity to count it as my cardio for the day. My last workout consisted of 100 squats with a 5 pound medicine ball, where every time I stood up I threw the ball to my partner, and then he threw it back before I squat down again. I also did 100 jumps and 100 switchkicks? But that was just a little test run to see how this new method will work. Since I'm on the hefty side, I think this will work for the next month or so before I will start implementing weighted squats and such back into my program.

However, today's workout was chest.

Dumbbell Press:
1 set warmup; 25lbs.
2 sets 10 reps 35 lbs.
2 sets 8 reps 45 lbs.
1 set 6 reps 55 lbs.

2 sets 10 reps 45 lbs.
3 sets 10 reps 40 lbs.

Incline Dumbbell Press:
1 set 10 reps 35 lbs.

Chest Flyes:
5 sets 12 reps 60lbs.

No cardio...

So, today's workout kind of made me upset. The good thing was that I saw an increase in weights on my dumbbell press, so I was kind of happy about that. What made me mad, was the amount of people in the gym and how inconsiderate they were. After 1 set of incline press, I went to get a drink of water and BOOM! someone was working where I sat. I left for a good 30 seconds? The guy wasn't willing to work sets with me so I just decided to go do chest flyes. Tried to do incline later, but they were all filled. Me being the impatient kid as I am, decided to just call it a day and do some cardio. Treadmills were all filled, bikes were all taken, and even the 1 rowing machine was taken. NO ONE EVER TAKES THE ROWING MACHINE! Sad thing was, the girl just sat there talking to her friends and texting on her phone. I waited about 5 minutes and then asked her when she was done. She just replied oh, I'm not done yet. I just got fed up, headed to the sauna and headed home.


I think I'm going to start going in the morning now. Since all my workout partners fake on me all the time.

So I wanted to ask, does anyone go to the sauna or hot tub after their workouts? I read that each has their own benefits but I wanted to just see if anyone really uses these methods and has seen results.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Pull Workout

Today I went and did a pull workout, which basically was my back workout.

3 sets of pullups at 10 reps with 150lbs assistance for warm up.
2 sets of deadlifts at 10 reps with 10lbs on each side for warm up.

Work sets:

6 sets Deadlifts                              10 reps                              25lbs on each side
10 sets assisted pull ups                 10 reps                              135lbs assistance for 8. 2 with 150lbs
30 minutes on stationary bike

I have to say that back work out was pretty easy in my opinion, but I still feel really sore. The deadlifts were hard on the first 3 or 4 sets. But afterwards, it was REALLY easy. I didn't feel like it was enough resistance, so maybe weight up next time I do this.

A main issue with today's workout was my forearms. I felt that my forearms aren't strong enough so when I was doing pullups, what prevented me from going more were my forearms. They were on fire! I was losing grip but still managed to pump out the couple reps. During the pullups, I also felt it in my biceps and forearms. I don't really know the feel of my upper back working yet, so I don't know if it did get a good enough work out. We'll see if I can weight up next time.

My meals were eaten at the right times today. Nothing spectacular, but instead of just plain chicken breast, I marinated them in some Jack Daniels bbq sauce. Honestly, it tastes about the same. Nothing really spectacular so I think I'm just going to stick with the plain chicken breast to really cut out the sugar and sodium intake.

I'm also thinking of replacing some long term cardio with sprints. Kind of incorporating the HIIT again. I'll update my split when I can think of a good day to do it without my legs giving out.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Push Workout

So the past few days I've been really sick so I couldn't give 100% at the gym. I decided to just kinda move around and try and stay active and sweat at home. It didn't really work. Eating wasn't on time and I definitely was not eating enough nutrients and such. I went to my doctor today, and he gave me some advice and some of his experiences on exercising. Since I already have mass, I need to lose the fat and get my body fat percentage down. He told me to split my days into push and pull movements. So after talking to him, I did a little research and came up with this split.

Chest and Shoulders + Cardio

Back + Cardio

Legs + Cardio

Chest and Shoulders + Cardio

Back + Cardio

Legs + Cardio

Arms + Cardio

So today was my chest and shoulders work out. I switched off between body parts, so it'd be 1 set chest, 1 set shoulders. My routine was:

Flat Bench 3 sets                           15 reps.                 20lbs each side
Front Raises 3 sets                        15 reps.                 15lbs dumbells
Incline Bench 3 sets                      15 reps.                 15 lbs each side
Lateral Raises 3 sets                      15 reps.                 15 lbs dumbells
Chest flys 3 sets                             15 reps.                 55 lbs
Rear Shoulder Raises 3 sets           15 reps.                15 lbs dumbells
Decline Bench 3 sets                     15 reps.                 20 lbs each side
Shoulder Press 3 sets                     15 reps.                 20 lbs dumbells

Did cardio for about 15 minutes fluctuating between 6.0 mph and 3.0 mph. I ended up doing about 1 mile. I have an issue with running and I don't know why. I just feel that I'm not as motivated to do cardio  (especially running) compared to lifting. I know I have more energy and my legs can keep going but I tell myself I have to stop. I have to find someone to push through those walls.

My shoulder exercises definitely wasn't as pretty as I had hoped. I guess I did alright form with them, but the one that I was confused with the most was the rear shoulder flyes / raises? I don't really know the form of it and I'm scared that it's going to injure me. I felt it weird in my shoulder joint but who knows, maybe I'm just not used to it yet.

I'm gonna see how this workout split works for about a week or two since my doctor recommended this. If I see great results, I think I'm going to stick with this workout. If not, I'm going to go back to the one Hanh Champion posted on his blog and work from there.

P.S. Any advice with whether I should go to the hot tub or the sauna after my work outs? I hit the sauna for about 10-15 minutes and the hot tub the same amount of time. Does anyone know any of the benefits of doing either one of them or both? Advice appreciated!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Measurement Updates and Pics

Because of the rain today, I wasn't able to go to the gym and do my shoulder workout. I guess I'll take it as another rest day this week. My back is still extremely sore from yesterday's deadlifts. At least this shows that it really works!

So I finally got my body fat percentage today and also took some pictures to upload.

As of today, March 10th 2011:

Age: 18 (in 6 days)
Weight: 194.5lbs
Body fat %: ~24%

Honestly, this was a wake up call for me. I really need to step it up and stay really strict on my workout plan and nutrition plan. I never expected myself to be 195 lbs and to be 24% body fat. It really takes a picture to show you how bad your body is, regardless of how many times you've looked in the mirror. I'm setting a goal for myself to cut down to 22% body fat by the end of this month.




Tomorrow will be better! I will definitely work 100% HARDER!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Short Back Workout

Today's workout:

3 sets assisted pullups at 150lbs assistance 10 reps for warmup
2 sets of deadlifts 10 reps at 20 lbs.

Work Set:
5 sets deadlifts 10 reps at 50lbs.
3 sets of pullups 10 reps at 135lbs assistance.

Today's workout was ehh. I had to cut it short because I got to the gym pretty late, about 45 minutes before closing. Couldn't finish 10 sets of pullups like I had intended. I also forgot to bring my gloves which gave me ALOT of pain in the hands while deadlifting. Because of the pain when gripping the bars, I couldn't bust out some more pullups.

It was my first time doing deadlifts today and all I can say is wow. They are hard! I thought I could pull at least 90lbs but doing 50lbs made me want to die. It worked out my lower back really good though. Since it's my first time, I don't know if this feeling is soreness or something else. Will definitely be doing more deadlifts.

Meals today were pretty bad. Oatmeal and egg whites in the morning, next meal was some fish and chick peas. My third meal was at a buffet.... bad but I tried to eat healthy. Not much of an excuse for this and it shouldn't have happened, but that was my LAST junk meal and will never happen again! Ended the day with some more fish and chick peas but along with a side of brown rice.

I got my skin fold calipers today, so I will take the measurements tomorrow along with my current weight, body part sizes, and a picture.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Chest Tuesday

Today was chest workout, and some HIIT.

Warm up:
2 sets 10 reps with 20lbs dumbell flat bench

Work sets:
2 sets 10 reps with 30lbs dumbell flat bench
2 sets 10 reps with 40lbs dumbell flat bench
1 set 6 reps with 45lbs dumbell flat bench
5 sets 10 reps with 30 lbs dumbell flat bench

After this, I took about a 5 minute rest due to spotting a friend.

Incline benching:
1 set 10 reps warm up with the bar
4 sets 10 reps with 20lbs
1 set 10 reps with 30lbs (by this time I wanted to die)

Chest flies:
I did the traditional chest fly for 5 sets and also the resistance cable machine for 5 sets, alternating when I finish one.

So it'd be like, 1 set chest fly machine 12 reps with 40lbs, then switch to the resistance cable machine for 1 set 12 reps at 6. (I don't know if that was pounds, but I highly doubt it). I did this for 5 sets in total.

I then proceeded to some HIIT cardio on a bike by doing 2 minute warm up, then 20 second (~20rpm) sprints 10 second rest / normal pace (~14rpm) for 8 sets and ended with a 3 minute cool down.

I also ran outside for about 45 minutes in the evening with a couple of friends. I am planning to incorporate speed walking in the morning when I first wake up, and in the evening. This way I don't think i'd really over train but at least I get a bit more cardio in for weight lost.

Meals were about the same, nothing really different from the other days.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Legs Monday

Woke up today still feeling sick, but decided to push through and go to the gym.


2 sets 10 reps 50lbs
2 sets 10 reps 70lbs

Smith Machine Squats:
3 sets 10 reps 90lbs
2 sets 10 reps 140lbs

Leg Press:
3 sets 10 reps 140lbs
3 sets 10 reps 180lbs
4 sets 15 reps 140lbs

Leg Extensions:
5 sets 10 reps 75lbs.

Leg Curls:
5 sets 10 reps 50lbs.

So the problem with my workout today were my squats. I don't know why, but it really hurts my shoulders! I don't know if it's because I'm putting the bar on the wrong place on my back, or I'm just not really used to squatting. I have issues balancing the bar too. My workout plan was going to be 10 sets of squats like Ice1cube, but my shoulders were just giving out. Maybe I just have to lower the weight and practice more... maybe some advice from you guys?

But I worked legs pretty hard that it's still sore right now. Didn't do cardio today like I wanted to. At least I'm learning my mistakes everyday and hopefully can change them quick.

My meals today were the same thing as the pictures I posted a couple days ago. Just a little bit of chick peas and turkey left...


So today was a REALLY bad day... got sick from the weather change and the rain so I didn't have the energy to go to the gym today. Also slacked off on eating all my meals properly and on time. Kinda ate a lot of unhealthy foods too... I guess days can't always be as good as you want them to be, but realizing your mistakes and learning from them to do better tomorrow is the key to success. Back to work on legs tomorrow so definitely won't be making the same mistakes today. Looking forward to it!

Saturday, March 5, 2011


Today I focused on doing some light weight for my arms. I wanted to just get a pump in them, but turned out to be a pretty nice workout that left me feeling pretty sore.

Bicep Curl Machine:
2 sets 10 reps 25lbs.
2 sets 10 reps 35 lbs.
1 set 10 reps 45 lbs.

Triceps pulldowns:
2 sets 10 reps 50lbs.
2 sets 10 reps 60lbs.
1 set 10 reps 70 lbs.

Bicep Curls:
3 sets 10 reps 30lbs. (easy bar)
3 sets 10 reps 40lbs. (easy bar)

Skull crushers:
3 sets 10 reps 30lbs. (easy bar)
3 sets 10 reps 40lbs. (easy bar)

Bicep Curls Dumbells:
3 sets 10 reps 20lbs.
2 sets 10 reps 25lbs.

Assisted Dips:
2 sets 120lbs. assistance
1 set 135lbs. assistance.

I then did HIIT as my cardio.
3x 45 seconds 9.0 mph and 1 minute 2.0mph.
2x 45 seconds 10.0mph and 1 minute 2.0mph.
1x 30 seconds 11.0mph and 1 minute 2.0mph.
1x 30 seconds 10.5mph and 1 minute 2.0mph.

then a 10 minute jog at 5.0, incline 1 and i biked for 10 minutes keeping my heart rate at about 150-160.

My meals today were a bit different than normal. I woke up late around 10 am, so I decided to give myself a cheat meal and ate some instant noodles... I ate half of the bowl and threw it away because it tasted so bad. Ever since I've been eating ALOT healthier, I noticed that I lost interest in all those fast foods I once thought were amazing. So I continued to have some more turkey and chick peas for 2 more meals, protein shake after my workout. Dinner I had hot pot with a very healthy chicken broth base, and basically just ate boiled vegetables.

Over all, I think it was a good workout today, could've fixed a lot of what I ate, but what's done is done. I can only change what happens tomorrow. I just got my tape measurer today so I will update tomorrow on sizes of bicep and such. Still waiting for the skin fold caliper to determine body fat %.


So today is my legs workout and I made sure i recorded everything I did including the different weights.

3 sets squats at 10 reps with 25lbs on each side.
3 sets leg press at 10 reps with 70lbs on each side.
3 sets leg press at 10 reps with 90lbs on each side.
3 sets leg press at 10 reps with 115lbs on each side.
3 sets leg extensions at 10 reps with 45 lbs.
3 sets leg curls at 10 reps with 120lbs.
Cardio: light game of basketball for about 30 minutes.

My initial plan was to do 10 sets of squats like the ice1cube video, but I realized that my shoulders were hurting a lot. I don't think it was because I placed the bar at the wrong spot, but because I did my first shoulder workout yesterday... Note to switch up legs to Thursdays and shoulders to Fridays now. So I tried to do leg presses as a substitute to squats, but definitely feel like I could've worked out more intensely =/.

I also took pictures of every meal I ate, and here they are below.

 Breakfast: I always eat 4 egg whites, and a bowl of oatmeal. Sometimes I would put 1 egg yolk in there because I broke the yolk while trying to only put in egg whites.. like today.

These are the supplements I take every morning. One a day multivitamin, some vitamin d, and omega3.

This is my first meal, about 3 hours after breakfast. I had some boiled chick peas, grilled lean turkey meat, and home made salsa. (Tomatoes, mint, cilantro, lemon, and red pepper) I normally make my foods in big bulks to leave in the fridge, so for the next couple meals it's going to be turkey with either chick peas or some other type of vegetable.

 This here is my post workout meal. I packed it in tupperware so that I could eat it in the car right when I get out of the gym. It's the same meal as above, the turkey with chick peas and salsa. I also drank 1 serving of ON 100% whey protein.

For my next two meals, I had this. Turkey with some boiled asian vegetables. I forgot to take a picture of the first time I ate it, and almost forgot to take this picture of my second time. My second time eating this I also had an apple. 

Throughout the whole day, I drink water non stop so I probably drank 1 gallon to 1 and a half gallon of water today. 

Tomorrow is arms day, more updates of meals and info on weights and such. Still waiting on that skin fold caliper to come in the mail so I can get an accurate reading of my body fat percentage. I'll try and upload a picture of me soon enough.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

First Post!

So, after I've been trolling around a bit on these workout blogs I finally decided to start my own. I've been really sick for the past year and a half and that caused me to stop most, if not all, physical activities causing me to gain more weight and become more unhealthy. I just got a gym membership last week and am ready to take this very seriously and get amazing gains!

Basic info:
Age: 17 (18 in 2 weeks!)
Weight: 185 lbs.
Height: 5'6" - 5'7"
Body Fat: Approximately 20%?

I'm not sure what my body fat percentage is, but that is just an estimate. I ordered one of those skin fold calipers which should be coming in a couple days, so I'll repost with an accurate reading then.

Only supplements I take are multivitamins, omega 3, vitamin D (doctor prescribed), my stomach medicines (doctor prescribed), and ON 100% whey protein. My diet has been fairly clean for the past month. I eat only lean chicken and ground turkey 93/7 for my sources of protein. I also try to eat a lot of vegetables, beans and fruits. I cut off all carb sources other than what come from the vegetables... but I don't know if that's healthy or not. If not, I'd go back on to brown rice. I try to eat about 5 small meals a day as recommended. I also try to drink at least 1 gallon of water everyday.

My workout routine for the past week at the gym has been based off of what Hanh Champion and Ice1cube uses.

Day 1: Legs + Cardio
Day 2: Chest/ triceps + Cardio
Day 3: Back/ biceps + Cardio
Day 4: Shoulders + Cardio
Day 5: Legs + Cardio
Day 6: Arms + Abs + Cardio
Day 7: Cardio

For most of my workouts, I follow the videos that Hanh Champion and Ice1cube posted on their youtube channels. On days 2, 4, and 6, I do HIIT for my cardio while on all other days i do a 30-40 medium intensity cardio session. I haven't really kept track of how much weight I use, but they're fairly light.

My goals are to cut down to below 10% and achieve that 6 pack. But I also want to be all around athletic like the people on 300 lols.

I will try to update this daily with the type of workout I do, how much weight I use, along with the different foods I eat through out the day.