Saturday, March 5, 2011


So today is my legs workout and I made sure i recorded everything I did including the different weights.

3 sets squats at 10 reps with 25lbs on each side.
3 sets leg press at 10 reps with 70lbs on each side.
3 sets leg press at 10 reps with 90lbs on each side.
3 sets leg press at 10 reps with 115lbs on each side.
3 sets leg extensions at 10 reps with 45 lbs.
3 sets leg curls at 10 reps with 120lbs.
Cardio: light game of basketball for about 30 minutes.

My initial plan was to do 10 sets of squats like the ice1cube video, but I realized that my shoulders were hurting a lot. I don't think it was because I placed the bar at the wrong spot, but because I did my first shoulder workout yesterday... Note to switch up legs to Thursdays and shoulders to Fridays now. So I tried to do leg presses as a substitute to squats, but definitely feel like I could've worked out more intensely =/.

I also took pictures of every meal I ate, and here they are below.

 Breakfast: I always eat 4 egg whites, and a bowl of oatmeal. Sometimes I would put 1 egg yolk in there because I broke the yolk while trying to only put in egg whites.. like today.

These are the supplements I take every morning. One a day multivitamin, some vitamin d, and omega3.

This is my first meal, about 3 hours after breakfast. I had some boiled chick peas, grilled lean turkey meat, and home made salsa. (Tomatoes, mint, cilantro, lemon, and red pepper) I normally make my foods in big bulks to leave in the fridge, so for the next couple meals it's going to be turkey with either chick peas or some other type of vegetable.

 This here is my post workout meal. I packed it in tupperware so that I could eat it in the car right when I get out of the gym. It's the same meal as above, the turkey with chick peas and salsa. I also drank 1 serving of ON 100% whey protein.

For my next two meals, I had this. Turkey with some boiled asian vegetables. I forgot to take a picture of the first time I ate it, and almost forgot to take this picture of my second time. My second time eating this I also had an apple. 

Throughout the whole day, I drink water non stop so I probably drank 1 gallon to 1 and a half gallon of water today. 

Tomorrow is arms day, more updates of meals and info on weights and such. Still waiting on that skin fold caliper to come in the mail so I can get an accurate reading of my body fat percentage. I'll try and upload a picture of me soon enough.

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