Monday, March 14, 2011

Push Workout

So the past few days I've been really sick so I couldn't give 100% at the gym. I decided to just kinda move around and try and stay active and sweat at home. It didn't really work. Eating wasn't on time and I definitely was not eating enough nutrients and such. I went to my doctor today, and he gave me some advice and some of his experiences on exercising. Since I already have mass, I need to lose the fat and get my body fat percentage down. He told me to split my days into push and pull movements. So after talking to him, I did a little research and came up with this split.

Chest and Shoulders + Cardio

Back + Cardio

Legs + Cardio

Chest and Shoulders + Cardio

Back + Cardio

Legs + Cardio

Arms + Cardio

So today was my chest and shoulders work out. I switched off between body parts, so it'd be 1 set chest, 1 set shoulders. My routine was:

Flat Bench 3 sets                           15 reps.                 20lbs each side
Front Raises 3 sets                        15 reps.                 15lbs dumbells
Incline Bench 3 sets                      15 reps.                 15 lbs each side
Lateral Raises 3 sets                      15 reps.                 15 lbs dumbells
Chest flys 3 sets                             15 reps.                 55 lbs
Rear Shoulder Raises 3 sets           15 reps.                15 lbs dumbells
Decline Bench 3 sets                     15 reps.                 20 lbs each side
Shoulder Press 3 sets                     15 reps.                 20 lbs dumbells

Did cardio for about 15 minutes fluctuating between 6.0 mph and 3.0 mph. I ended up doing about 1 mile. I have an issue with running and I don't know why. I just feel that I'm not as motivated to do cardio  (especially running) compared to lifting. I know I have more energy and my legs can keep going but I tell myself I have to stop. I have to find someone to push through those walls.

My shoulder exercises definitely wasn't as pretty as I had hoped. I guess I did alright form with them, but the one that I was confused with the most was the rear shoulder flyes / raises? I don't really know the form of it and I'm scared that it's going to injure me. I felt it weird in my shoulder joint but who knows, maybe I'm just not used to it yet.

I'm gonna see how this workout split works for about a week or two since my doctor recommended this. If I see great results, I think I'm going to stick with this workout. If not, I'm going to go back to the one Hanh Champion posted on his blog and work from there.

P.S. Any advice with whether I should go to the hot tub or the sauna after my work outs? I hit the sauna for about 10-15 minutes and the hot tub the same amount of time. Does anyone know any of the benefits of doing either one of them or both? Advice appreciated!

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